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Lawyer in St. Paul suspended after assaulting son

The Minnesota Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility recently ordered the suspension of a St. Paul lawyer due to fraudulent activities, according to recent reports.

Aside from the 60-day suspension, 56-year-old John Nwabuwane Akwuba will be placed on probation for two years by the Minnesota Supreme Court. Akwuba reportedly was charged with crimes related to mishandling clients’ money as well as submitting falsified documents during an investigation.

Akwuba was convicted of making terroristic threats in 2011. The charge was originally a felony, but prosecutors amended their complaint as a result of a plea deal. The felony was downgraded to a gross misdemeanor, and a second charge for domestic assault was dismissed. Akwuba was witnessed punching his 7-year-old son repeatedly and authorities said they were forced to use a stun gun in order to make him stop.

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Florida woman’s pharmaceutical tech license suspended after theft charges

A female pharmacy technician in Key West, Florida had her pharmacy license suspended after admitting to having pocketed approximately 1,000 various kinds of pills, an article reported on October 24.

Reports said 37-year-old CVS Pharmacy staff Amy Catherine Topolski was apprehended by authorities on June 10 after being investigated for the missing medicines. In the span of more than five months, Topolski reportedly stole various kinds of medicines.

Topolski was put on probation in September following her arrest. On October 12, Topolski’s license was suspended by the Florida Department of Health after pleading guilty to two counts of felony drug possession and a count of misdemeanor petty-theft charges.

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Kindergarten teacher suspended in Hawkins County

A female kindergarten school teacher in Hawkins County was recently suspended after consumed beer cans were discovered inside a classroom, News Channel 11 reported on September 15.

According to reports, the unidentified teacher at Mt. Carmel Elementary School has been “suspended without pay” after another teacher on September 10 discovered two empty cans of beer inside the classroom. The suspended teacher reportedly was on leave during the time of the discovery and it is not clear who consumed the alcoholic beverages or if it was consumed inside the school premises. The empty beer cans were discovered during class hours. Hawkins County Schools Assistant, Director Nedra Jackson, stated that school administrators and the school system are working to come up with an accurate and fair investigation.

Being suspended without pay as a teacher is difficult, especially if you have family members depending on your income. However, if you are a teacher threatened with suspension, a lawyer may possibly defend you. Find out how an Austin lawyer at the Leichter Law Firm PC may represent you today by calling (512) 495-9995.

Florida nurse suspended after facing sex charge

A Florida male nurse working at children’s hospital was recently suspended after he was allegedly inappropriately touching a teenager, an article of News 4 JAX reported.

Reports said the suspension of Seth Michael Branch, 33, was ordered by the Wolfson Children’s Hospital while police conduct their investigation. Branch was taken into custody last week and was charged with “unlawful intercourse” involving a minor. Branch underwent interrogation after his alleged victim talked to him on the line while authorities were secretly listening. Police confirmed that the victim, whose name was not disclosed, was not a patient of the hospital where Branch was working as a nurse. The children’s hospital stated that they are taking the issue seriously and are committed to protect the welfare of their clients.

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Pierce County doctor suspended for multiple medical violations

A doctor from Pierce County was recently suspended by the Virginia Medical Commission for consenting medical students in the military to administer medicine injections to one another, kitsapsun.com reported on August 25.

An investigation conducted by the Virginia Board of Medicine revealed that Doctor John Hagmann had 11 violations of regulations and codes. The board ordered Hagmann’s license revocation on July 6. Hagmann, who used to teach combat medicine, was accused of exploiting his students by telling them to get drunk and then injecting them with hallucinogens to test their cognitive functioning. Hagmann is expected to contest his license suspension and the charges filed against him before September 6.

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3-year suspension ordered for Craighead County lawyer

The license of a female lawyer in Craighead County was recently suspended for three years due to past convictions on drug charges, an article from Arkansas Online reported on August 9.

Reports said attorney Belinda Burris’ law license was ordered suspended for three years on August 6 by the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct. Burris was reportedly arrested and convicted on several drug-related charges and a DWI from 2007 to 2012. Burris’ lawyer’s license was not reinstated after the Arkansas Continuing Legal Education Board suspended it in 2009.

License suspension is a serious threat for attorneys, and should not be taken lightly. However, if your law license is being threatened with suspension in Austin, the legal team at the Leichter Law Firm PC may offer you other legal solutions to possibly help you prevent such drastic measures. Get in touch with us today at 512-495-9995 to find out how we may be able to work on your behalf.

Cutten veterinarian’s license suspended for series of violations

An animal center in Cutten, California was temporarily shut down after its veterinarian was suspended due to several violations, including charges of fraud, Willits News reported on July 22.

In a decision by the Veterinary Medical Board, Doctor Joseph Humble’s license was suspended for 15 days. The board accused Humble of work-related fraud, incompetence, and negligence committed against at least two dog patients that died under his supervision. Aside from the suspension, Humble was also required to settle in the amount of $22,000 and was put on probation for four years. Any violations of the terms of his probation may lead to the revocation of Humble’s license.

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