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Tennessee teacher suspended after showing “Human Centipede 2” to students

A high school teacher in Jackson, Tennessee was recently suspended without pay after her students watched portions of the horror movie “The Human Centipede 2: (Full Sequence)” under her supervision.

The teacher, Michelle Blankenship of Jackson Central-Merry High School, is being investigated after she let 9th and 10th grade students watch the gruesome film on April 22. Superintendent Verna Ruffin stated that the district wants to discover why and how Blankenship showed the movie to her students. Ruffin also wants to find out if Blankenship played the movie herself or if a student played it in class. Premiered in 2011, “Human Centipede 2” is the sequel to a movie about a mad doctor who surgically attaches a person’s mouth to another’s anus in an attempt to form a human centipede.

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Oklahoma dentist suspended over suspicion of abandoning patients and staff

The Oklahoma Board of Dentistry on April 15 suspended a Woodward dentist’s license on grounds that he left the country and abandoned his patients and staff, an article of News Channel 4 reported.

Reports said Phillip Powell suddenly went to Ukraine, leaving thousands of patients unable to access their records. Powell reportedly told his office manager Leslie Miller through a text message that he was leaving and that “the United States has nothing else” for him. Reports revealed that Powell failed to pay Miller for two weeks of work. Powell left many pending patient cases, many of which had already paid for their treatments. The Executive Director of the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry, Susan Rogers, stated they have decided to temporarily suspend Powell’s license until he returns and answers for all the claims against him. The board is coordinating with local dentists to help finish Powell’s open cases.

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Suspension ordered to lawyer in Sarasota after having sex with client

A 30-day suspension was recently imposed on a male lawyer in Sarasota after he allegedly had sex with one of his clients, an article of the Herald-Tribune reported on April 1.

According to reports, the Florida Supreme Court has suspended Ralph Friedland after having sexual relations with a female client he represented in a probate case. Friedland, who apparently “believed that the case was weak”, had sex with his client a week before the trial. The unidentified woman, whom Friedland had dated in the past, claimed that Friedland had been negligent after the judge ruled against her. A Certified Family and Circuit Civil Mediator in Florida, Friedland previously was inexperienced in handling debatable will cases, court records showed.

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Teacher suspended for posting rant videos on YouTube

According to an article from CBS Chicago, a male teacher in Chicago was suspended after the rant videos he posted on YouTube against religious and transgender individuals went viral.

According to reports, the teacher, Daniel Berry, has been suspended while he is being investigated by Chicago Public Schools (CPS).  Berry, who was a music teacher at Kenwood Academy, reportedly posted YouTube videos where he uses foul language in speaking against Muslims, Jews, and transgender individuals. In a statement, the school system said that they are committed to ensuring that standards for personal and professional conduct are met by all school staff members. Students’ opinions differ on whether Berry should continue working in the school or not.

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Suspended veterinarian in Creal Springs heads to trial

A veterinarian in Creal Springs whose professional license was suspended is expected to appear before a jury to face charges of animal cruelty and practicing without a license. According to reports, Elisa Kirkpatrick entered not guilty pleas in response to several charges of veterinary practice neglect filed against her.

A pretrial is scheduled for March 7 wherein a plea agreement may be reached before the jury trial set to be held on March 15. At least ten charges related to deliberate animal cruelty were filed against the former animal care provider at Carbondale’s Kitty Klinic. Authorities arrested Kirkpatrick few months after her veterinary license was suspended when a man called officers to report a foul odor emitting from her home. Other charges were also filed against Kirkpatrick after she was suspected of conducting veterinary surgeries while her professional license was suspended.

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License of Montana physician suspended indefinitely

The medical license of a physician in Libby, Montana was suspended indefinitely after he was accused and found guilty of committing professional negligence, an article of The Western News reported on December 24.

The Montana Board of Medical Examiners ordered the immediate suspension of Doctor Clyde Knecht’s license on December 21 pending further investigation into the claims against him. Dr. Knecht is accused by a second medical professional, an addiction specialist, of over-prescribing narcotics. The board also discovered that Knecht negligently failing to properly document the medical histories of his patients and his procedures. Knecht may be ordered to pay hefty fines or have his license revoked if his case is taken to a hearing.

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Florida teacher suspended over suspicion of injuring student

A male teacher in Jacksonville, Florida was recently suspended due to allegations that he caused harm to a female student by pinching her with enough force to break the skin, an article of First Coast News reported on December 11.

Reports said a 30-day suspension was ordered for Rashawn Stout on December 7 after a female second grade student accused him of pinching her twice. Brown, who is a teacher at Richard L. Brown Elementary School, told investigators of Duval County Elementary School that he “lightly pinched the student.” Reports also said there were marks left on the victim’s stomach and arm and that two other students witnessed the incident. Pinch markings found in the victim and there were students who saw the incident. Stout is not expected to face criminal prosecution due to a lack of evidence, according to the State Attorney’s Office.

Teachers who are wrongfully accused or face overly harsh penalties for their actions will likely be faced with the potential loss of their legal right to work in their field. When this happens, individuals are threatened with a loss of income and respect, among other things. At the Leichter Law Firm PC, our professional license defense attorneys work to represent clients who face these types of accusations in Austin. To discuss your case with us today, call (512) 495-9995.

Indianapolis nurse suspended over suspected narcotics use

A female nurse in Indianapolis recently had her license suspended following allegations of narcotics use, a Nov. 27 article by the Herald Bulletin reported.

According to the Indiana State Board of Nursing, Sherri Lynn Waskom’s license was suspended for 90 days due to allegations that she is abusing narcotics. Waskom reportedly tested positive for using opiates and alcohol several times between May 2014 and November 2015, the board said.

Though Waskom has not been charged with a misdemeanor or felony, the board stated that she presented a “clear and immediate danger to the public’s health and safety” if she was allowed to continue practicing as a registered nurse.

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Lawyer in St. Paul suspended after assaulting son

The Minnesota Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility recently ordered the suspension of a St. Paul lawyer due to fraudulent activities, according to recent reports.

Aside from the 60-day suspension, 56-year-old John Nwabuwane Akwuba will be placed on probation for two years by the Minnesota Supreme Court. Akwuba reportedly was charged with crimes related to mishandling clients’ money as well as submitting falsified documents during an investigation.

Akwuba was convicted of making terroristic threats in 2011. The charge was originally a felony, but prosecutors amended their complaint as a result of a plea deal. The felony was downgraded to a gross misdemeanor, and a second charge for domestic assault was dismissed. Akwuba was witnessed punching his 7-year-old son repeatedly and authorities said they were forced to use a stun gun in order to make him stop.

Lawyers, just like every other professional license holder, have a great deal of responsibility to uphold; unfortunately, no person is innocent of making mistakes. At the Leichter Law Firm PC in Austin, our license defense attorneys understand that small mistakes should not cost you your livelihood. We will work to build a defense against disciplinary actions so that your rights will be protected. Call (512) 495-9995 to learn more.

Bound Brook math teacher suspended for sending nude photos

A mathematics teacher with Bound Brook High School was recently suspended after sending nude pictures of himself over the internet using school computers, news sources reported on November 4th.

According to reports, the high school teacher, Glenn Ciripompa, was suspended for 120 days without pay due to allegations that he used a school laptop to send his nude photos on the internet. In a decision published on October 29, the appellate court ruled Ciripompa’s actions towards his female coworkers were inappropriate and he had violated the sexual harassment policy of the district; however, the ruling did not confirm the school district’s claim that Ciripoma’s actions warranted dismissal. Ciripompa was initially facing the prospect of losing his job when the original prosecutor tried to prove that the defendant’s actions created a hostile environment for his co-workers.

The lawyers at the Leichter Law Firm PC understand that many Austin teachers experience struggle with supporting their families after having their license suspended. However, if you are facing a possible suspension, we may offer you legal representation as we work to protect your license. Learn more about your legal options today by calling (512) 495-9995.