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Lawsuit against Abilene teacher dropped

A lawsuit brought against an Abilene Independent School District high school teacher accused of not telling authorities that he or she knew another teacher was having an affair with a student has been dropped. The case has been dismissed without a monetary settlement.

A former Cooper High School English teacher was sentenced to seven years probation and stripped of her teaching license after a 15 year-old student told police they had had a sexual relationship. If she adheres to the terms of her probation, the offense will not go on her permanent record.

Although the lawsuit against the other teacher was dismissed, the mother of the student has said she is still seeking a monetary settlement.

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Teacher loses license, gets jail time

A 43 year-old teacher from Portland, Maine lost his teaching license after pleading guilty to providing alcohol to a minor.

Last September, police were informed that the teacher provided alcohol to a 16 year-old at his apartment the month before. The gender of the teenager and whether or not he or she was a student at the high school he taught at was not disclosed. Along with revoking his teaching license, the man was sentenced to five days in jail.

Since 1993, he taught English at the high school. He also coached boys varsity soccer, boys varsity tennis, and was an adviser for the Student Council and chess club.

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Teacher’s license revoked due to car crash

An elementary school teacher has lost her teaching license after she left the scene of a car accident that resulted in bodily injury. The accident occurred in the summer of 2009 when she was 27 years-old.

According to court documents, the woman was at a college reunion where she mixed medication and alcohol before driving home that night. She left the scene after rear-ending another vehicle. The teacher was admitted and completed the Intensive Supervision program and asked that her teaching license be suspended rather than revoked.

However, under law, her charges were too serious and her ability to teach public school was taken away. She has the option to appeal the decision to the state education commissioner.

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Teacher arrested, accused of rape

A 33 year-old Long Island teacher is accused of raping her 16 year-old student. Police say she filmed them having sex, which led to her arrest after they obtained the tape. The legal age of consent in New York is 17 years-old. The woman has taught law and government at the high school for five years.

Investigators say that the boy admitted to sleeping with his teacher after being confronted by his mother. He later told police that the woman took him to a motel, where she filmed them together.

The teacher has been charged with third-degree rape and third-degree criminal sexual act. She has pleaded not guilty to these charges.

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5th grade teacher suspended for alleged use of force with students

A 5th grade teacher from Wisconsin was recently suspended from his job, and subsequently retired, after he was accused of using force with two of his students.

In May, the man allegedly grabbed the arms of two students who were walking down the hallway. The students complained, and the man was issued a letter that stated that he could not use force with students unless they are in “imminent danger.” The man was suspended from teaching during the 2011-2012 school year.

The man, who had worked in the school district for 31 years, decided to retire, rather than having his teaching license suspended.

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Pennsylvania Teacher Suspended for Blogs

A 30 year-old high school teacher was recently suspended after blogs she had written about her students surfaced. In her blogs, the teacher described her students in a negative light and made taunting remarks about anything from their clothing to their future careers.

Students, parents, and the school’s administration were unhappy with the blogs and felt that they were unnecessarily cruel. The blogs did not mention students by name and the school had no policy on teachers using the Internet.

The woman is currently not in jeopardy of losing her teaching license, and she is fighting her suspension.

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