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State rep. charged with barratry

A state representative, who is also a former municipal court judge and attorney, was arrested on Tuesday night and charged with illegally soliciting legal cases. Another attorney went to police when he approached her as a client after she was involved in a car accident.

Soliciting a client for legal services is illegal in Texas. Last year, the state legislature made barratry a civil and criminal infraction. In the past, the state representative was fined $10,000 by the Texas Ethics Commission after he refused to file disclosure statements. As of last summer, he has not paid the fine.

The 38 year-old lawyer could lose his license to practice law and be forced to pay up to $10,000 in fines if he is found guilty of barratry.

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State Bar disciplines two Tarrant County lawyers

One lawyer has been disbarred and another has received five years probated suspension after the State Bar of Texas disciplined them for failing to keep their clients reasonably informed about the status of their cases, among other violations.

A 62 year-old attorney from Bedford lost her license when, during a divorce case, she gave contrary information than what her client provided to an opposing attorney. She also failed to turn over her client’s papers and property when the woman’s new lawyer requested her file. The attorney had been previously suspended for failing to forward client information and not keeping clients informed on the status of their lawsuits.

Another lawyer, 50, from Fort Worth has been disciplined for not carrying out all the obligations he owed to his client. He is also accused of ignoring a client’s probate matter.

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Lawyer fights for her license

A 55 year-old attorney is pursuing her case to the New Mexico Supreme Court after she says her license to practice law was suspended indefinitely by a political rival. She is urging the Supreme Court to reinstate her attorney privileges and her license.

The woman says her law career began to take a turn for the worse when she represented clients in a civil case against a chairman of the New Mexico Supreme Court. She believes he had an active role in taking away her license as a form of revenge. The chairman denies he had any role in her disciplinary actions.

The attorney argues that she was treated unfairly and more harshly than judges accused of sexual harassment and drunk driving. Both judges in her examples are still actively practicing law.

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Texas lawyer convicted in whistleblower case

A Texas attorney has been convicted of misusing official information, retaliation, and official oppression after he represented a physician who tried to find the identities of two whistleblowers who filed an anonymous complaint to the Texas Medical Board about his medical practices.

The physician, with the help of close friend and sheriff of Kermit, Texas, obtained a search warrant for the whistleblowers’ personal computers in order to confirm his suspicions. He in turn fired the whistleblowers, who were nurses at Winkler County Memorial Hospital, after discovering their identities. The nurses were later faced felony charges of misusing official information, but have been dismissed and acquitted.

Now the physician, sheriff, and attorney are facing charges of retaliation. The attorney was found guilty of knowingly filing false charges against the nurses. He will serve 120 days in jail, 10 years probation, and a $6,000 fine.

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Lawyer suspended from practicing law for 2 years

A woman from Omaha narrowly avoided being disbarred on Friday but was suspended from practicing law for the next two years after she performed questionable acts on behalf of her elderly mother.

The woman was involved in a long legal dispute with her family over who should take care of their mother. Although the woman was not her mother’s lawyer, she filed motions for her for at least four years. This angered her family members, who said that the woman intentionally filed actions that were “harassing” and “embarrassing.”

The woman was also involved in a heated verbal fight with a judge in a Douglas County court. Although a court decided not to permanently disbar the woman because her actions were performed in an emotional state, she was suspended for two years because the court ruled her actions were unethical.

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