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Irving doctor barred from performing surgery indefinitely

The Texas Medical Board has barred an Irving doctor from performing any cosmetic, reconstructive, or plastic procedures after he performed a nine-hour liposuction on a patient who later suffered serious complications.

According to officials, the physician’s knowledge of the liposuction procedure relied entirely upon reading a book provided with the liposuction machine, completing an online course, and performing one procedure under the supervision of another surgeon.

The restriction has been in place since mid April and will be in effect indefinitely until another order by the board is issued. In a disciplinary hearing, the board discovered the doctor performed the surgery on a patient he previously deemed unsuitable for the procedure.

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State hospitals renovate for patient safety

Ten state hospitals will undergo minor renovations in order to improve patient safety, says the Department of State Health Services.

More than $100,000 will be spent on retrofitting over 300 doors of treatment rooms with two foot by three foot windows in order to prevent patients from being abused by medical staff. The agency says that the transparency will make the hospitals safer for everyone.

These renovations come in the midst of two high profile allegations against state doctors who are accused of sexually assaulting patients in their offices. In the rooms that cannot be fitted with windows, cameras will be installed.

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Austin psychiatrist’s license suspended due to abuse accusations

The Texas Medical Board has suspended an Austin-based psychiatrist after accusations of sexual abuse surfaced.

The doctor, a psychiatrist for mentally ill patients, is accused of abusing at least nine teenage boys in his care over a twenty year period. He was fired late last month from the Austin State Hospital. The psychiatrist has not been formally charged with a crime, but he is barred from practicing while an investigation by four state agencies are investigating the claims.

Currently the Austin Police Department, the attorney general’s office, the Texas Rangers, and the Office of Inspector General for the Health and Human Services Commission are leading a joint investigation.

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Brain surgeon facing harsh accusations

A Corpus Christi brain surgeon has been accused of using harmful medical practices on his patients. More than six people have come forward, expressing their concern after being in his care.

The physician came to Texas in 2007 from Minnesota, where several medical malpractice lawsuits were brought against him, two of which involved wrongful death. At least six malpractice lawsuits were settled for $3.2 million. While his medical license has not been revoked in Minnesota, the doctor would have to be supervised by another physician for him to continue practicing medicine.

The Texas Medical Board says the surgeon is still able to work in Texas without restrictions. A TMB spokesman says that neurosurgery comes with many risks and potential bad outcomes and does not plan on halting his ability to practice medicine.

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Texas doctor demands trial

A Texas doctor is demanding a trial to determine the outcome of a case brought against him by the Texas Medical Board in which patients say he conducted unnecessary stent implants.

One patient, who refused bypass surgery, received 31 stents when he was the doctor’s patient. The TMB has accused him of violating standard-of-care for allegedly implanting un-needed stents, ICD implants, and angiograms to nine patients. The doctor argues that he still believes the stents were necessary, but today he might reconsider his decision since his medical practices have come under fire.

The doctor has regained his license and is still practicing medicine.

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Fertility doctor who treated Octomom will be losing license

T he doctor who gave fertility treatments to Octomom, Nadya Suleman, before she conceived octuplets was told last week that he will be losing his medical license in July.

The Medical Board of California based the decision to revoke the doctor’s license on the fact that he “did not exercise sound judgement” when giving fertility treatments to Suleman and two other women who also conceived multiple children at once. One 48-year-old woman became pregnant with quadruplets following fertility treatment. She then suffered complications during pregnancy because of the number of children in her womb. Another woman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer following fertility treatments.

Attorneys of the doctor have argued that he was simply doing his job by giving fertility treatments to the women who requested them. They have asked the Medical Board to put the doctor on probation rather than revoke his license.

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Amarillo doctor cleared of charges alleging he was practicing without a license

A former doctor from Amarillo was recently cleared by the DA’s office of charges that accused the man of practicing medicine without a license. The man gave up his license in 2004 after the Texas Medical Board cited him for not allowing a colleague to review his patients’ charts.

The former doctor, who still holds a doctor’s degree in medicine, has willingly admitted that he still has patients that he has helped lose weight or heal illnesses, however, he stated that he does not use pharmaceuticals to aid his patients.

The Randall County Criminal District Attorney officially closed the Texas Medical Board’s case against the doctor, saying that he has done nothing wrong by continuing to help patients without the use of pharmaceuticals.

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States seek to increase public access of doctors’ disciplinary histories

Recently, several states in the U.S. have been pushing for more public access of medical doctors’ disciplinary records. Many are saying that a patient’s ability to review his or her doctors’ history could serve to decrease incidences of malpractice in the medical community.

At least five states are currently involved in the movement, including Texas. Legislation is now being introduced in the state House and Senate that would force medical board websites to provide more information on the histories of their doctors.

Those arguing against this legislation have stated that the law’s may prevent doctors from having due process, as several of the laws duplicate already-existing laws. It has been said that the new legislation will only drive up court costs and create more problems in the medical community.

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