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Williamson County attorney reprimanded by State Bar

A Williamson County attorney was rebuked by the Texas State Bar for violating confidentiality rules, specifically Rule 1.05 of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, while working as a counsel of commissioners court.

The Texas State Bar dismissed twenty-three of the twenty-four complaints filed against her. The one complaint not dismissed will not hinder her ability to practice law in Williamson County.

Complaints were filed against her after by commissioners after she attempted to remove a Williamson County judge from office. Commissioners believe she used information against the judge that she acquired from a commissioners court executive session. The attorney says she believes her confidentiality violation fit with an exception to the rule, which states an attorney can use confidential information if he or she thinks it is necessary to comply for a with order.

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Lawyer Risks Losing License for Advising Clients to Break Into Home

California lawyer, Michael T. Pines, is in hot water with the State Bar of California for encouraging clients to take the law into their own hands.

Many of Pines’ former clients are leading the charge against him, as they are unhappy with the legal consequences they faced after following his advice. One couple were told by Pines to sneak into their home that had been forclosed upon and reclaim it as their own.

The couple was evicted from the home, and the incident caused a real estate agency who bought the home to lose $200,000. Pines instructed another client to ignore a judge’s ruling to foreclose on his home.

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Former Attorney General May Lose Law License

Marc Dann, Ohio’s former attorney general, has now been accused of misconduct relating to his own criminal charges in 2008 that cost him his office.

Dann was accused of sexually harassing two staff members. After resigning from his office, he continued practicing law, until the recent claims that he has used over a thousand dollars from lobbyists for his own personal interests, such as a flight on a privately chartered jet. He has also been accused of using campaign money for the salaries of two staff members.

Although Dann did not plead guilty, he admitted that evidence implied that he was guilty. It has not yet been decided if he will lose his law license.

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