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Two teachers remained suspended over drug charges

Two teachers in Cliffside Park, North Jersey are still suspended due to an ongoing investigation of alleged illegal drug possession northjersey.com reported on September 4.

Teachers Ryan Fogarty and Scott Kellen were both suspended last March after police suspected them of possessing illegal drugs. The original investigation was spurred when a student found a syringe in the restroom. Superintendent of Schools Michael Romagnino stated that the two teachers are still suspended with pay as the school year 2014-2015 began and they are waiting for the results of the investigation.

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Two year suspension of NJ teacher for obstruction of justice

A high school teacher in South Jersey was suspended for two years due to justice obstruction in a sexual assault incident involving another teacher, CBS Philly stated on May 28.

The Board of Examiners concluded that 51-year-old teacher Emma Painter acted unethically in a sexual assault case. Painter reportedly talked to a student who had filed sexual assault charges against another teacher, identified as Erica Umosella. The case in which Painter plead guilty was filed almost two years ago, and she has recently been sentenced to probation and community service.  Painter’s two year teacher’s license suspension was decided by the Board after considering her 20 years of service as a teacher.

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Plano teacher accused of having inappropriate relationship with student

A 37-year-old Plano assistant band director is facing charges of having an inappropriate relationship with a student at Frisco Liberty High School back in 2008. The teenage girl was a senior in the band at the time of their alleged relationship.

Although the age of consent is 17 in Texas, a 2003 state law prohibits any primary or secondary educator from having a relationship with any person enrolled in his or her school. According to Star Local News, the school’s band director found the girl hiding in the man’s closet.

Both the band director and the assistant band director have resigned from the high school. An investigation by the State Board for Educator Certification is ongoing.

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