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High school teacher suspended after an alleged joke assignment

A math sophomore teacher at Encinal High School in Alameda was recently suspended after he was suspected of telling his class to take a photo of themselves with their parents’ sex toys, CBS San Francisco reported on June 5.

Reports said Wing-Wah Leung was suspended after the incident. Though school officials told parents that Leung only meant the allegation as a jest, one student did follow through with the assignment and presented it in class. While district and school officials did not released details of the teacher’s suspension, they stated that they are investigating the issue.

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Community supports suspended Hunterdon County teacher

A suspended English teacher at Delaware Valley Regional High School gathered support from students, parents, and graduates, the Hunterdon County Democrat reported on December 16.

People who supported Jennifer Sayers attended a meeting with the school board and presented a signed petition to show their support. Sayers reportedly was suspended on December 5; however, the board did not release details of the suspension. People who supported Sayers stated that she was a great help to many students. Many students of Sayers’ are worried about not being prepared for their AP examination or even college applications without her guidance. The school board failed to comment on the suspension.

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Nurse fired, loses license for working while intoxicated

A female nurse was fired from her work in Muncie, Indiana for showing up intoxicated and had her license revoked for several offenses, IndyStar reported on July 9.

Reports said registered nurse Linda Bullinger, 55, was fired from her work last March at Parkview Nursing Center after she was found to be drunk while on duty. Bullinger’s blood alcohol level at the time was 0.258 percent. The Indiana Board of Nursing revoked Bullinger’s license due to her work history on at least three nursing homes where she was fired for working while intoxicated. It was also discovered that she continually failed to report previous infractions and employment termination.

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Arkadelphia attorney suspended due to misconduct

An Arkadelphia lawyer was suspended from practicing law for one year by the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct. The suspension is related to alleged unethical practices.

According to reports, attorney Jonathan Huber has been suspended for hiring prostitutes under an alias. He was previously arrested and fined in 2011 for soliciting sex. Huber has until January 16 to appeal the committee’s suspension.

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License of La Crosse lawyer suspended

A lawyer in La Crosse has his license suspended for three months by the Wisconsin Supreme Court due to allegations of professional misconduct, a report from the LaCrosse Tribune stated on Saturday, December 14. According to the suspension order imposed on Friday, December 13, attorney James Grenisen will have to undergo a psychological evaluation before he can get his license back.

At least five counts of misconduct were filed against Grenisen last year after he committed fraud against a 66-year-old woman he represented. According to the article, Grenisen took money from his client and represented her in guardianship and protective placement, an area of the law with which he had no experience.

Attorney Grenisen, whose license will be suspended on January 17, did not contest the verdict.

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Common causes for suspension or revocation of teachers’ licenses

Professional practitioners, like teachers, are guided by ethical standards to prevent them from abusing, mistreating, or taking advantage of the people they interact with; however if these ethical rules are violated, penalties are imposed to them, sometimes resulting in the suspension or revocation of a license.

Teachers’ licenses may be subjected to suspension or revocation for many reasons. Among these, some common ones include:

  • Abusing or harassing students
  •  Accepting bribes in any form
  • Having an inappropriate relationship with a student
  • Illegally acquiring properties owned by the school also endanger their license.

Having your teaching license suspended or revoked can seriously compromise your career as a teacher. If you are facing such professional consequences in Texas, talk with a lawyer from the Leichter Law Firm about how you can defend yourself. Learn more about your legal options by calling 512-495-9995 today.

Teacher jailed for instructing students to hit bully

A teacher was sentenced to serve a jail term and undergo probation after being convicted of official oppression, according to a report from My San Antonio on Tuesday, August 20.

In the report, Judson Independent School District teacher Cynthia Ambrose was prevented from teaching for one year by the Texas Education Agency and made to serve a 30-day jail sentence after she was found guilty of instructing students to hit a bully in her class. According to the trial, Ambrose told other students to hit a 6-year-old boy.

Being convicted of an offence can negatively affect your career as a teacher. Fortunately, you are not without legal options and have the right to defend yourself and your teaching license. To talk with a lawyer from the Leichter Law Firm about defending your license in Austin, call 512-495-9995 today.

El Paso attorney suspended for 6 months

An attorney from El Paso was recently suspended for six months for contempt, according to an order signed on May 14.

Attorney Stuart Leeds’ suspension became effective immediately after a judge revoked his license from a six-month probation. The initial probation came when Leeds was found to have made false claims to the court about what he had filed for his client facing felony charges in a 2011 trial.

Leeds now has to file an affidavit by June 14 proving that he notified all his clients and opposing counsel of his suspension and has given all clients their money and property back in accordance with the order.

Having your legal license suspended, preventing you from practicing law, can drastically affect your professional career as a lawyer. Our lawyers at Leichter Law Firm understand this and do their utmost to help legal professionals in this situation defend their license. Learn how we may be able to help you by calling 512-495-9995 today.      

Pharmacist allegedly sold drugs from Texas home

Texas State Board of Pharmacy recently suspended a pharmacist’s license after she was charged with illegally selling prescription drugs from her home.

According to a report on Wednesday, March 6, Arlington resident Esther Chinedozi Amaka was charged with diverting controlled substances after her pharmacy business Express Rx closed in 2012. After Amaka’s home was raided last month by Denton police, she was booked on February 13 and was released the following day after posting a $50,000 bond. Narcotics were reportedly missing from a Denton pharmacy owned by Amaka that had previously closed. Afterwards, Amaka allegedly sold the narcotics from her home.

However, Amaka is currently denying intentional wrongdoing, according to Board Officials.

Facing the loss of a pharmaceutical license, or any other professional license, can have a drastic affect on a person’s livelihood and future prospects. As such, if you are facing such a situation, speak with the lawyers at the Leichter Law Firm about protecting your license. By calling 512-495-9995, you can discuss your legal options and find out how we can potentially defend you and your license.