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County jail nurse in Michigan suspended for sexually assaulting inmate

A nurse that had been working at the Washtenaw County jail had his professional license suspended due to suspicions that he sexually attacked one of the female inmates inside the facility, a November 23 article in the Detroit Free Press reported.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) on November 18 had suspended Percival Roy Kuizon from practicing his profession after he entered a “no contest” plea due to allegations that he sexually assaulted a female inmate inside the facility where he worked as a jail nurse. The 34-year-old nurse was charged after an incident last year where he allegedly asked an inmate for a sexual favor. Though another inmate had complained about him, jail officials noted that the assaulted woman was “cooperative.” Kuizon could have been sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment if found guilty of the charge, however, his decision to enter a “no contest” may significantly reduce his penalty.

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Head nurse in Washington suspended following numerous sex abuse cases

A 12-month license suspension was imposed on a former nursing home director who is under investigation for multiple sexually abusive acts that occurred between residents with dementia on her watch, a report of komonews.com stated on September 20.

Reports said Marilee Mellon was suspended from her position at the Cashmere Convalescent Center over allegations that dementia patients were sexually abused inside the facility. The nursing home was investigated last year due to numerous complaints coming from families that sexual abuses between dementia patients were not reported. The suspension penalty occurred after an investigation found Mellon was negligent about reporting such incidents.

Nursing license suspension is difficult, especially if your family heavily relies on your income. However, if you believe a suspension is likely to happen, a lawyer may be able to help you prevent it. Speak with an attorney from the Leichter Law Firm PC today in Austin by calling (512) 495-9995 to learn more about your license defense options.

Registered nurse in Indiana suspended due to illegal drug use

A registered nurse in Rushville, Indiana recently faced a license suspension following allegations that she was using methamphetamine, an article of The Star Press reported on June 7.

The Indiana State Board of Nursing stated that former Reid Health nurse Kasey Barnard tested positive for amphetamines and meth. Barnard reportedly confessed to buying and using the illegal drugs. The nursing board unanimously voted to suspend Barnard after she was considered to be a public threat. Reports revealed that approximately 13,000 Indiana nurses are dealing with substance addiction.

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Indianapolis nurse suspended over suspected narcotics use

A female nurse in Indianapolis recently had her license suspended following allegations of narcotics use, a Nov. 27 article by the Herald Bulletin reported.

According to the Indiana State Board of Nursing, Sherri Lynn Waskom’s license was suspended for 90 days due to allegations that she is abusing narcotics. Waskom reportedly tested positive for using opiates and alcohol several times between May 2014 and November 2015, the board said.

Though Waskom has not been charged with a misdemeanor or felony, the board stated that she presented a “clear and immediate danger to the public’s health and safety” if she was allowed to continue practicing as a registered nurse.

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New Jersey nurse suspended for reusing syringes

A nurse in New Jersey was recently suspended after allegedly reusing “single-use” syringes to administer flu vaccines to 67 people, according to a Washington Post article from earlier this month.

According to reports, the nurse, whose identity was withheld, repeatedly used two disposable syringes — not needles — while giving flu shots at Otsuka Pharmaceutical on September 30. The nurse’s license was temporarily suspended after the New Jersey board of nursing stated that her actions may endanger the public’s health. Since the needles themselves were not reused, health authorities stated that infection risks are minimal; however, the affected patients have been encouraged to undergo testing for hepatitis B and C as well as HIV. Representatives from Ostuka expressed sincere apologies on behalf of the company and will work with authorities to properly address the incident.

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Florida nurse suspended after facing sex charge

A Florida male nurse working at children’s hospital was recently suspended after he was allegedly inappropriately touching a teenager, an article of News 4 JAX reported.

Reports said the suspension of Seth Michael Branch, 33, was ordered by the Wolfson Children’s Hospital while police conduct their investigation. Branch was taken into custody last week and was charged with “unlawful intercourse” involving a minor. Branch underwent interrogation after his alleged victim talked to him on the line while authorities were secretly listening. Police confirmed that the victim, whose name was not disclosed, was not a patient of the hospital where Branch was working as a nurse. The children’s hospital stated that they are taking the issue seriously and are committed to protect the welfare of their clients.

Nurses who are suspended from their jobs often find it hard to support the everyday financial needs of their families. However, if you believe that you are being threatened with nursing license suspension in Austin, the legal team at the Leichter Law Firm PC may represent you. Find out how we may possibly defend your license today by calling (512) 495-9995.

Iowa nurse’s license suspended indefinitely

An indefinite license suspension was recently ordered for a Mason City registered nurse after he allegedly committed unethical practices, the Globe Gazette reported on June 17.

According to reports, 35-year-old nurse Zachariah Jonathan Davis has been convicted of several criminal charges, including counts of domestic violence that he committed in 2013. Records also showed that Davis was convicted in 2014 of drunken driving that resulted in injury. As authorized by the Iowa Code, the state’s Board of Nursing is suspending the licenses of nurses who have been convicted of a crime that may interfere with their position. In the case of Davis, the Board ruled out that his violent nature has violated their code of conduct. Davis is scheduled to appear in a hearing with the nursing board in March.

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Ontario nurse suspended for allegedly prying into hundreds of patients’ records

A female nurse in Ontario, Canada was recently suspended after she was accused of prying into the medical records of at least 338 patients, thestar.com reported on May 5.

Reports revealed that 42-year-old Marcella Calvano had her nursing license suspended for three months after she pleaded guilty to “professional misconduct” in a hearing conducted at the College of Nurses of Ontario. Calvano reportedly admitted that she peered into the medical records of patients with the Sault Area Hospital between 2011 and 2012. Documents revealed that the medical records that the patients whose privacy law has been violated were not under the care of Calvano. Calvano, who was forced to resign from her work, expressed apologies for the misconduct she committed.

Nurses depend on their licenses in order to support their livelihood and their families. If you believe your nursing license is being threatened with suspension, the Austin legal team at the Leichter Law Firm PC may work to defend your license. Find out how we may diligently work to defend your license today by calling 512-495-9995.

Maxim Healthcare nurse suspended after death of young patient

A registered nurse in King County was recently suspended after a boy patient with Down syndrome who was under his care died, the Seattle Times reported on March 26.

Reports said Fernando Enrique Nunez-Mesta is facing negligence-related charges after the 3-year-old boy he was taking care of died last November 17, although no criminal charges have been filed. The allegations assert that Nunez-Mesta improperly operated a breathing machine used by the boy and turned off the alarm system that would have alerted nurses to his respiratory failure.

Investigations revealed that Nunez-Mesta was unfamiliar with the breathing apparatus and struggled with the correct way to administer CPR. The nurse’ employer Maxim Healthcare stated that they are cooperating with authorities in investigating the case. Nunez-Mesta has been given 20 days to appeal his suspension and the charges filed against him.

As a nurse, facing license suspension is difficult, as it is a source of livelihood needed to support you and your family. However, if your license is being threatened with suspension, working with a skilled lawyer could be critical to your future. Find out how the Austin lawyers at the Leichter Law Firm PC may defend your nursing license today by calling us at (512) 495-9995.

Michigan nurse license suspended after drunken driving conviction

The nursing license of a Kalamazoo man recently was suspended after he was convicted of intoxicated driving, MLive reported on March 4.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs confirmed on Wednesday that registered nurse William Darrel Simpson’s license was suspended last February 26. Simpson reportedly was sentenced to six days of imprisonment and a year-long probation after he was convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) on August 28, 2013. The Allegan County District Court also ordered Simpson to pay a fine worth $1,250. Simpson’s nursing license suspension is in accordance to the state’s public health code.

Nurses lose their capacity to earn their livelihood when their professional license has been suspended. If you are in a situation like this, it could be critical to your professional and financial future to enlist the help of an experienced license defense attorney who can advocate on your behalf. Call the Austin lawyers at the Leichter Law Firm today at 512-495-9995 to learn more about your options.