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Paterson doctor’s license suspended over sexual abuse charges

A doctor in Paterson, New Jersey recently had his professional license suspended after he was charged with sexually assaulting female patients and office staffers over the past three years, an article of nj.com reported on June 13.

Acting Attorney General Robert Lougy said Dr. Alex Sarkodie’s “sexually abusive” actions started in May 2013 and lasted until March of this year. New Jersey authorities claim Sarkodie sexually assaulted female patients during medical exams. In one incident, Sarkodie allegedly fondled and licked the breast of his patient. Though Sarkodie agreed to have his professional license suspended, his legal counsel told reports that his client denied the allegations. Sarkodie is expected to contest the sexual misconduct charges filed against him.

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Virginia doctor’s license suspended due to excessive prescription refills

A medical practitioner in Virginia was suspended by the state’s Board of Medicines after he was found to be allowing excessive prescription refills to patients, WCYB reported on June 24.

In the documents obtained from the Virginia Board of Medicine, Dr. Dwight Bailey was effectively suspended on June 19. Dr. Bailey and his staff reportedly prescribed patients unnecessary amounts of opiate pain killers. Dr. Bailey also lacked adequate medical records that kept track of the prescriptions he issued to his patients. Five of Dr. Bailey’s over-prescribed patients died while under his care. In 2003, Dr. Bailey’s medical license was suspended because pre-signed prescription pads were regularly used, so the staff could hand out prescriptions in his absence.

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Illinois doctor has license suspended due to sex charges

An Illinois doctor is facing another license suspension after he was charged again of sexually assaulting his patients, a report from the Chicago Tribune stated on Monday, October 7.

Reports said a license suspension for White County Doctor Jogendra S. Chhabra had been recently lifted when state regulators filed another suspension on charges that the doctor hugged, kissed, and inappropriately touched his female patients. Dr. Chhabra will allegedly pose a threat to the public if he is allowed to continue his practice, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation said.

Legal counsel for Chhabra said the allegations against his client were untrue and the recent suspension “is simply retribution” for the lawsuit.

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Pennsylvania doctor’s license suspended, office closed

A doctor’s license was temporarily suspended in Ford City after he was discovered ordering large amounts of prescription pain medication for his own consumption, according to a report published on September 23.

According to reports doctor Terence E. Moore’s office at 710 Fourth Ave. was ordered to be closed on Thursday, September 19 by the screening committee of the state medical board after he came under investigation. Moore was reportedly ordering large amounts of prescription drugs, like morphine sulfate, Ultram, Xanax, hydrocodone, and Oxycontin, for 18 months for his own use. Moore was also allegedly taking the drugs in front of students.

Dr. Moore has not been arrested and his legal counsel said probable cause was cited for the suspension of the license.

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Houston pill mills targeted in five-day raid

Last month the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and 14 local and state authorities raided a dozen Houston pain clinics suspected of running pill mills. Approximiately 150 investigators helped raid the medical centers over a five-day period on 50 issued search warrants.

The agencies had been investigating the suspected clinics for eigth months before jumping into action. Thousands of boxes containing medical records, financial records, and computer data have been taken into evidence.

According to the Houston Chronicle, four physician assistants, 13 advanced nurse practioners, three doctors, and five pharmacies have been forced to give up their federal licenses that allows them to prescribe controlled substances. Nearly two dozen more doctors are still being investigated by the Texas Medical Board.

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RI Department of Health revokes doctor’s license for alleged sexual misconduct

The Department of Health in Rhode Island has recently revoked the license of a doctor at Pawtuxet Valley Urgent Care after they found merit to a sexual misconduct claim that involved a 70-year-old woman.

According to officials in the case, the woman was having a stethoscopic examination when the doctor ‘touched her breasts’  and ‘partly lowered her pants without informing her’ first.

She claims that this examination was unnecessary because her symptoms were  linked to bronchitis and pneumonia. Officials with the department have stated that the man’s license should be revoked because he is a ‘danger to the public.’

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Sugar Land doctor arrested for health care fraud

A 56-year-old Sugar Land man was arrested last week on charges of health care fraud and conspiracy to commit health care fraud, the Houston Chronicle reports. The indictment reads that the doctor ordered, authorized, and prescribed unnecessary diagnostic tests and other procedures.

These procedures were then billed to Medicare and Medicaid for payment under his billing number. The physician is believed to have submitted more than $19.4 million worth of medical claims to the Texas Medicaid and Medicare Programs from 2007 to 2012.

An estimated $8.5 million was deposited in his bank account. He is also accused of running medical clinics under different names to hide his scheme and hiring patient recruiters.

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