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Doctor threatened with license suspension in New Jersey

A report on the nj.com site, posted on October 17, revealed that a doctor in Trenton, New Jersey is likely to have her professional license suspended due to allegations that three of her patients became heavily dependent on the narcotics she prescribed, one of the cases resulting in a fatality.

Reports said a hearing is set in November for doctor Vivienne Matalon to determine if the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners will subject her to license suspension. Matalon was accused of giving her patients strong pain medications formulated for terminal cancer patients. One of Matalon’s patients being treated for non-cancer related illnesses reportedly died. Investigations showed that Matalon’s patients ended up heavily relying on the narcotics she was giving to them. Health authorities issued a warning to patients to check if they are given medications that are not intended to treat their condition as it could result in substance abuse to patients.

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Pediatrician faces suspension after unsanitary office conditions

After an investigation revealed unsanitary conditions in his office, a pediatrician in New Jersey was suspended.

Reports show that the doctor, Dr. Emmanuel J. Francois, was so disorganized that vials containing blood samples were improperly labeled and a stool sample was stored inside of a fridge. Investigators also found out that Francois used neither protective gloves nor hand sanitizer while taking care of his patients, who ranged in age from infancy to 18. According to the Attorney General’s Office, children’s safety was compromised under Francois’ unsanitary practices. Francois, who is currently placed in temporary suspension, is expected to appear in a court hearing.

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Doctor’s license suspended after facing several charges

A doctor’s license has been “indefinitely suspended” in Helena, Montana, after facing hundreds of felony charges including two negligent homicides, an article from the Missoulian reported on September 30.

Reports said the license of Florence Doctor Chris Christensen, 67, has been suspended by the state’s Board of Medical Examiners on September 29. During an emergency meeting the board discovered that Christensen was prescribing “non-narcotic” drugs to his patients even without seeing them personally or have another physician monitor his work. At least 400 counts of various felony charges in August were filed against Christensen after he was given a “probationary license” in May. Christensen entered a no guilty plea and was later discharged from custody after posting a bond worth $200,000.

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Pierce County doctor suspended for multiple medical violations

A doctor from Pierce County was recently suspended by the Virginia Medical Commission for consenting medical students in the military to administer medicine injections to one another, kitsapsun.com reported on August 25.

An investigation conducted by the Virginia Board of Medicine revealed that Doctor John Hagmann had 11 violations of regulations and codes. The board ordered Hagmann’s license revocation on July 6. Hagmann, who used to teach combat medicine, was accused of exploiting his students by telling them to get drunk and then injecting them with hallucinogens to test their cognitive functioning. Hagmann is expected to contest his license suspension and the charges filed against him before September 6.

Doctors unfortunately have to struggle with financial problems when their professional license has been suspended. However, if you think that your doctor’s license is facing suspension in Austin, the lawyers at the Leichter Law Firm PC may work on your behalf. Consult your situation with us today at (512) 495-9995 to learn more of your options.

Doctor’s license suspended for taking pictures of female patients

A San Diego doctor’s medical license was suspended November 4 by the state’s medical board for taking inappropriate pictures of some of his patients, utsandiego.com reported.

Medical Board of California suspended the license of Doctor Jeffrey Joel Abrams for allegedly taking pictures, sometimes nude pictures, of his female patients. The interim suspension will last 30 days until a formal complaint can be filed with the board. The suspension will stand if criminal charges are filed against Abrams. A spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office was approached for a comment, but said that they cannot speak on an open case. Abrams also declined to comment.

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Doctor suspended after being accused of working impaired

A medical practitioner in Norwood was recently suspended after being accused of practicing while impaired, WCVB 5 reported on September 15.

According to reports, Norwood Doctor John Fattore’s license was suspended by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine last September 10 over allegations that he practiced medicine while under the influence of intoxicants, thereby endangering the public. In a statement, the Norwood Hospital stated that they immediately removed Fattore from their medical staff after being notified by the medical board. Dr. Fattore has several days left to appeal this suspension.

As a doctor, facing license suspension due to allegations of impairment while practicing can negatively affect your professional reputation and source of livelihood. If you are facing license suspension in Austin, the lawyers at Leichter Law Firm PC may fight on your behalf for the reinstatement of your license. Call our office today at (512) 495-9995 to find out how we may advocate for you.

Steelton doctor’s license suspended

A medical practitioner in Steelton has been suspended by the Pennsylvania board of medicine due to allegations of practices that put patients at risk, pennlive.com reported on April 15.

Reports said Doctor Maryjo Szada had her license suspended on April 9 after investigations found that the medical condition of patients under her care was inadequately recorded. The board also discovered that Szada was performing unsanitary practices in her clinic after several used vaginal speculums were found unsterilized in the sink. The state’s Department of Health ordered Szada to stop doing vaginal exams due to the risk that her patients may acquire disease. Szada, who was a family doctor practicing in the 100 block of South Front Street, is scheduled for a preliminary hearing.

As a doctor, having your professional license suspended can negatively affect your career as a medical practitioner. If you are dealing with such situation in Austin, the lawyers at the Leichter Law Firm can help. Speak with our legal team today by calling 512-495-9995 to learn more.

Doctor under investigation found dead

A suspended doctor in Northern Kentucky who was under investigation for the deaths of 14 patients was found dead on March 26. According to a county coroner, they do not suspect that there was any foul play involved in the death of 69-year-old Dr. Gary Shearer.

An ongoing hearing was being conducted by a medical board when the doctor’s body was found inside his son’s home. Shearer had been suspended in 2012 following an intensive investigation after 14 of his patients died of overdoses. After reviewing the records of the patients’ fatalities, the medical board found that Dr. Shearer had committed several lapses in his practice.


Virginia doctor’s license suspended

A doctor in Newport News recently had his license suspended by the Virginia Board of Medicine recently due to an alleged series of prescription violations, the Daily Press reported on March 11.

In the 43-page prescription abuse complaint against Doctor Roger Philips, 69, the board stated that it believes the public is at risk under his care. Reports show that Philips allegedly made medical lapses and gave high dosages of powerful pain relievers to some of his patients. Some pharmacists who questioned the prescriptions provided by Philips complained about his rude behavior as well.

Philips, who has been practicing medicine for more than three decades, is scheduled to appear in a hearing in Richmond next month.

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Pennsylvania doctor’s license suspended, office closed

A doctor’s license was temporarily suspended in Ford City after he was discovered ordering large amounts of prescription pain medication for his own consumption, according to a report published on September 23.

According to reports doctor Terence E. Moore’s office at 710 Fourth Ave. was ordered to be closed on Thursday, September 19 by the screening committee of the state medical board after he came under investigation. Moore was reportedly ordering large amounts of prescription drugs, like morphine sulfate, Ultram, Xanax, hydrocodone, and Oxycontin, for 18 months for his own use. Moore was also allegedly taking the drugs in front of students.

Dr. Moore has not been arrested and his legal counsel said probable cause was cited for the suspension of the license.

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