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Suspension and fine ordered for veterinarian in New York

The New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC) recently suspended a veterinarian and ordered him to settle a fine due to confirmed suspicions that he had certified horses that did not undergo the required examination, an article of BloodHorse reported on December 28.

Reports said the NYSGC, on December 26, announced the 20-day suspension of doctor Camilo and was also ordered him to pay a $1,500 fine after an October incident where he was suspected of giving health certificates to three horses that he had not actually tested. The suspension initially ordered to Dr. Sierra was 30 days and was reduced when he agreed to settle the fine imposed on him. Dr. Sierra is expected to go back to his work on January 15, the date his suspension is expected to end. New York documents showed that Sierra first obtained his veterinarian license in 1992.

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