County jail nurse in Michigan suspended for sexually assaulting inmate

A nurse that had been working at the Washtenaw County jail had his professional license suspended due to suspicions that he sexually attacked one of the female inmates inside the facility, a November 23 article in the Detroit Free Press reported.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) on November 18 had suspended Percival Roy Kuizon from practicing his profession after he entered a “no contest” plea due to allegations that he sexually assaulted a female inmate inside the facility where he worked as a jail nurse. The 34-year-old nurse was charged after an incident last year where he allegedly asked an inmate for a sexual favor. Though another inmate had complained about him, jail officials noted that the assaulted woman was “cooperative.” Kuizon could have been sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment if found guilty of the charge, however, his decision to enter a “no contest” may significantly reduce his penalty.

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