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Doctor threatened with license suspension in New Jersey

A report on the nj.com site, posted on October 17, revealed that a doctor in Trenton, New Jersey is likely to have her professional license suspended due to allegations that three of her patients became heavily dependent on the narcotics she prescribed, one of the cases resulting in a fatality.

Reports said a hearing is set in November for doctor Vivienne Matalon to determine if the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners will subject her to license suspension. Matalon was accused of giving her patients strong pain medications formulated for terminal cancer patients. One of Matalon’s patients being treated for non-cancer related illnesses reportedly died. Investigations showed that Matalon’s patients ended up heavily relying on the narcotics she was giving to them. Health authorities issued a warning to patients to check if they are given medications that are not intended to treat their condition as it could result in substance abuse to patients.

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