Oklahoma dentist suspended over suspicion of abandoning patients and staff

The Oklahoma Board of Dentistry on April 15 suspended a Woodward dentist’s license on grounds that he left the country and abandoned his patients and staff, an article of News Channel 4 reported.

Reports said Phillip Powell suddenly went to Ukraine, leaving thousands of patients unable to access their records. Powell reportedly told his office manager Leslie Miller through a text message that he was leaving and that “the United States has nothing else” for him. Reports revealed that Powell failed to pay Miller for two weeks of work. Powell left many pending patient cases, many of which had already paid for their treatments. The Executive Director of the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry, Susan Rogers, stated they have decided to temporarily suspend Powell’s license until he returns and answers for all the claims against him. The board is coordinating with local dentists to help finish Powell’s open cases.

Having your license suspended as a dentist can be a frustrating situation, especially if your family heavily depends on you as a provider. Enlisting a skilled lawyer can ease this stressful situation as they are able provide legal support for you. Find out how an Austin lawyer of the Leichter Law Firm PC may work for you today by calling 512.495.9995.

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