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Board suspends Lewes veterinarian’s license for four years

The Delaware Board of Veterinary Medicine recently voted to suspend the license of a female veterinarian for four years after she was found to be practicing while under suspension, the Cape Gazette reported on July 17.

Reports said Jaine Weise’s veterinarian license was suspended by the board after two dogs under her care died last year. The Lewes vet license was apparently suspended during the time she treated the dogs in 2014. Initially, Weise’s license was facing license revocation; however, the board did not consider the incident as a malpractice, though she was found to be negligent.

Being suspended as a veterinarian is difficult, as you and your family likely depend on your salary. However, if you believe that your license is being threatened with suspension, an attorney may possibly defend you and prevent this from happening. Call the Austin lawyers of the Leichter Law Firm PC today at (512) 495-9995 to learn more about your legal options.