Animal doctor in Lewis may lose professional license

A female veterinarian in Lewis City, Delaware may have her veterinary license revoked after allegations by dog owners of their pets dying while under her care, according to the Cape Gazette on May 18.

Reports revealed that Jaine Weise appeared in court early this May to answer the complaints filed against her by two dog owners who sought her services during a time when her professional license was suspended. In the first complaint, a dog died after Weise gave it a sedative in order to clip its nails. Weise later found out that the canine had a history of seizures, and she said she would never have given it sedatives if she had known this beforehand.

In the second complaint, a dog died after being neutered due to internal bleeding. The pet owners brought their unconscious pet to the Savannah Animal Hospital, where he later died. Weise said that despite the internal bleeding she was responsible for, the hospital should have been able to diagnose the dog’s condition earlier.

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