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Fertility doctor who treated Octomom will be losing license

T he doctor who gave fertility treatments to Octomom, Nadya Suleman, before she conceived octuplets was told last week that he will be losing his medical license in July.

The Medical Board of California based the decision to revoke the doctor’s license on the fact that he “did not exercise sound judgement” when giving fertility treatments to Suleman and two other women who also conceived multiple children at once. One 48-year-old woman became pregnant with quadruplets following fertility treatment. She then suffered complications during pregnancy because of the number of children in her womb. Another woman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer following fertility treatments.

Attorneys of the doctor have argued that he was simply doing his job by giving fertility treatments to the women who requested them. They have asked the Medical Board to put the doctor on probation rather than revoke his license.

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