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Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses

The Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses is a non-profit program that is available to licensed nurses throughout the state of Texas. The program was created by the Texas Nurses Association to help nurses who are impaired by drug or alcohol dependency or by a mental illness. Instead of facing disciplinary action and possibly having a license suspended or revoked, a nurse can opt to participate in TPAPN to complete a recovery program and return to practicing nursing as a licensed professional.

Who Can Enroll in TPAPN?

Any nurse who has been diagnosed with a substance abuse problem, chemical dependency, or mental illness may voluntarily enroll in TPAPN. There are two ways that one can be recommended to the program: the nurse may report himself or herself for participation, or an employer may make the recommendation on the nurse’s behalf. The major benefit of TPAPN is that a nurse can voluntarily enroll in this recovery program in lieu of facing disciplinary action by the licensing board. After successfully completing the program, a rehabilitated nurse may return to regular practice.

TPAPN Services and Conditions

TPAPN provides a variety of services to help nurses recover from substance additions and mental illnesses. If you have a drug, alcohol, or mental problem that affects your ability to perform your job as a nurse, then the TPAPN program may be for you. Some of the key aspects of this rehabilitation program include:

  • Identifying appropriate treatment
  • Helping nurses undergo appropriate treatment with supervision
  • Self-help groups
  • Practice restrictions and Return to Work conditions
  • Drug screening
  • Progress reporting
  • Minimum of 2 years participation

Participation in TPAPN allows a nurse to undergo treatment for substance abuse or mental illness while still being allowed to keep his or her license and practice nursing as a profession. For a nurse to be successful in TPAPN, it is most important that the nurse recognizes that he or she has a problem and commits to completing the full recovery process.

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If you are a licensed nurse and are struggling with alcohol, drug, or mental issues, TPAPN may be the ideal program to help you achieve recovery. To learn more about the program and how our experienced Texas nursing license defense lawyers can guide you through this delicate process, contact the Leichter Law Firm today by calling 512-495-9995.