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Negotiating an Informal Settlement Conference

All physicians are required to comply with the rules and regulations outlined in the Texas Medical Practice Act. This document outlines the standard of care that all doctors are required to follow in order to safely treat their patients. When a physician violates the rules of the act, they could be investigated for professional misconduct and possibly penalized with a license suspension or other punishment.

Informal Settlement Conference Proceeding

When a licensing board investigation is initiated against a physician, the board will try to determine if they believe that there is evidence of negligence or misconduct. If so, the board will schedule an informal settlement conference for the physician to appear before the board. A lawyer from the Texas Medical Board will present evidence in the case against the physician, and then the physician will be given an opportunity to defend his or her case.

Negotiating Disciplinary Action

Ultimately, the board panel members make a decision of whether or not to take disciplinary action and what sanctions to take, if any. The physician will be informed of the decision a few weeks after the hearing. If the board panel decides to take disciplinary action, a license defense lawyer can help the physician negotiate the terms of the action to minimize any penalties. If, on the other hand, the physician rejects the proposed disciplinary action, the case will be taken over by the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH).

Whether you decide to negotiate or contest the sanctions against you, an experienced Texas medical license defense attorney can assist you with your case. Without a well organized and aggressive defense, you could find yourself facing harsh penalties with only questionable evidence against you. A dedicated attorney will help to ensure that your rights are protected throughout your proceeding and will pursue the most favorable resolution possible.

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