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Insurance Network Termination Defense

A licensed professional who is being investigated for a license violation faces the risk of being heavily penalized by the state licensing board. If you are suspected of breaching the standard of care, health law, criminal law, or other laws or standards pertaining to your license, your license may be suspended. Not only can losing your license affect your ability to practice professionally and make a living, but a suspension could also cause you to be dropped from insurance provider networks.

Why Your Insurance Coverage May Be Terminated

Insurance companies base everything they do on a calculated measure of risk. When a physician or other health professional presents too great of a risk to an insurer, the insurance company may decide that it is in its own best interest to exclude the professional from insurance coverage. This is especially common in cases in which a health professional breached the standard of care or has a drug or alcohol dependency issue. These types of problems increase the risk of a lawsuit being brought against the professional, thereby making it more risky for an insurance company to provide coverage.

Preventing Insurance Exclusion

If you are in danger of losing your insurance coverage as a physician, dentist, or other health professional, it is important to act quickly to minimize the damage to your practice. In some cases, an insurance company may not be able to legally terminate a professional’s coverage. An experienced Texas license defense attorney can help to protect your rights and will fight to prevent you from losing the insurance coverage that you need to practice.

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